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About us - Chiikimittyaku LLC (t/aTOKKOU)

Chiikimittyaku LLC (t/aTOKKOU) is a contemporary Japanese fashion house brand based in London with traditional Japanese roots at its core. TOKKOU’s cutting edge designs take inspiration from Japanese youth subculture Bousou-zoku. Run by juvenile delinquents in the early 1970s, over 800 teams drove customized motorcycles in biker gangs displaying anarchy against Japanese mainstream society.

The traditional style involves jumpsuits similar to those of manual Bousou-zoku labourers or leather military jackets with baggy pants and tall boots. This uniform became known as the Tokkou-fuku, which was often personalised through customised embroidery of poetry, drawings, thoughts or policies.

Upon graduating middle school in Japan, youths wear Sotsu-Ran also tailored to reflect the individual’s personality. The 2019 Spring/Summer collection Shine in the Dark is defined by combining genuine Japanese Tokkou-fuku and Sotsu-Ran's fabrics with traditional Japanese processes and sewing techniques.

The collection covers men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, designed by characteristics of Bousou-zoku through tailoring, considered design and striking embroidery.

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