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Xmas Gifting Guide 2020 - Japanese luxury fashion Brands

The Christmas season is just around the corner. With the festive spirit and the holiday comes also the gifting time, when we all gladly exchange gifts as a token of friendship and appreciation. Although this season can be quite stressful because of all the crowds, rush, and not knowing what to buy, there is always a positive vibe that should keep us uplifted.

The most common gifts for this season come from the fashion department, so, if you are looking for some fashionable gift for your fellow Japanese friends or family, here are some men and women luxury fashion gifts from the brands that will elevate the gifting game on an entirely new level.

Comme des Garcons

Although it might have a fashion name, this is an entirely Japanese high-end fashion brand that is very well established on the fashion scene. It offers a variety of female high-end and luxurious garments and accessories. Whatever you pick will be received with great joy and will leave your recipient in awe.

Women’s Gift idea: Tan Large Brick Pouch

Men’s Gift Idea: Multicolor Asics Edition GEL- Lyte III Sneakers

Junya Watanabe

With a close connection and tutoring of the founder and designer of Comme Des Garcons, Junya Watanabe offers great men’s luxury fashion designs. Its selection of fashion garments puts the focus on the fabric, creating unconventional pieces.

Women’s Gift idea: Black Faux-Leather & Tweed Blazer

Men’s Gift idea: Brown Wool Melton Coat


Kenzo is a brand that was founded in Paris, but the founder Kenzo Takada made sure that the brand was true and close to the Japanese origins. The designs the brand offers are bright, bold, and vibrant, with the incorporation of Japanese symbols.

Women’s Gift idea: Black & Brown Silk Monogram Scarf

Men’s Gift idea: Black Shiny Round Sunglasses

Issey Miyaki

Issey Miyake is the most famous Japanese fashion designer that is very popular on the world fashion scene. His avant-garde looks that combine art and fashion, and nature and technology deliver an extraordinary selection of luxury clothes, accessories, and creations that are undoubtedly interesting and unique.

Women’s Gift idea: White Cutout Short Sleeve Turtleneck

Men’s Gift idea: Black Ichimatsu Backpack

Yohji Yamamoto

Known as a rebel designer, Yohji Yamamoto creates not following trends and current styles. His designs are unique, depicting his vision and perception of fashion, far from being mainstream.

Women’s Gift idea: Black Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Men’s Gift idea: Navy Tie-Dye T-Shirt


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