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Winter Style guide for Women 2020

Just as this entire year was market under the presence of the worldwide pandemic, the fashion trends and styles that appeared during this time were focused on safety and comfortability. In the female fashion department, fashion and styles were highly influenced by the current trends that dictate the way of dressing and styling.

The presence of the leisure and comfortable pieces has been the inspiration and the motivation for the designers to create more at-home pieces that will be suitable for chilling at home, running errands, or just working remotely from home. However, if you need some inspiration on what styles and trends to flaunt this winter, here is a quick guide from TOKKOU that will help you with that:


As a fabric, leather has been present in the fashion scene for a long time. Shifting its popularity from season to season, this winter the leather comes as a highly suggested and fashionable fabric that is an absolute must-have. The most popular leather pieces that can be found this winter are leather skirts, leather shirts, leather pants, trench coats, and jackets. If you are looking for an all-time classic that will never go out of style, our choice is the Tokkou Unisex Black leather Jacket.

Face mask

Believe it or not, face masks have grown to be a trend, due to the imposed situation. With that in mind, fashion brands have incorporated different face masks into their collection. An interesting and suitable type of face mask that will serve both its primary and fashionable function is the TOKKOU Japanese denim Face Mask.


To continue into the style of leisure and comfortability, this winter cannot without the presence of a sweatshirt or a hoodie. For a Japanese-inspired style, the choice falls on the hoodies. It combines well the trendiness, practicality, and sporty style with the presence of Japanese letters and prints. One cool hoodie is the TOKKOU Japanese Zip Hoodie.


Just like leather, denim never goes out of style. This winter, the denim can comes in all colors and pieces, depending o personal choices and preferences. One cool look can be achieved by choosing a denim shirt dress like the TOKKOU Japanese Denim Shirt Dress. It features dark denim, elbow-length sleeves, and Japanese print leathers on the front and the back.

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