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Which are the current trends in the Japanese fashion scene?

Japanese fashion is currently taking over the world fashion scene, and it comes as a nice refresher for those who want to see something different. In the past, Japanese fashion was the one that followed the trends that emerged in NY, Paris, Milan, and London fashion runways. Today, the situation is different. It is Tokyo and its fashion weeks that set the fashion trends for the entire world.

In those terms, it was only a matter of time when the Japanese fashion scene would take over the fashion ruling and set the tone for the next fashion season. Now, for the fall-winter season, Japanese fashion has already determined the trends that the world is following. 

Chunky sneakers

If you thought that the trend of chunky sneakers is over, you are so wrong. It is not the fact that it is not over that matters, is that its popularity is getting even bigger. As the most comfortable shoe wear pieces on the market, the chunky sneakers have somehow made quite a boom in the fashion scene. This fall/winter season, the Japanese fashion trends put the sneakers again as a dominant footwear option that comes as a suitable piece for all different fashion styles and outfits.

Neon shades

The trend of neon shades first appeared at the beginning of 2020. It was the novelty that came as an inspiration from the '60s and '70s and was a nice fresh dose and pop of color that the modern fashion needed. Now, for the colder season, the Japanese fashion trends put the neons back in the game in stylings and outfits that make that one neon piece a centerpiece of the outfit. 

All - white

Monochromatic head-to-toe looks are not something new. They are very popular and present in the fashion scene. But, when it comes to the white color, it has somehow been reserved for the summertime. What the Japanese fashion trend brought to the fall/winter fashion season is wearing while looks. The sophistication of the color does not have to be exclusive only to the summer. On the thicker and warmer fabrics, all-white looks look impeccable. 

Baggy jeans

If there is something that Japanese women know how to do, is that to revive some fashion piece into new and fresh styling. This season, baggy jeans are another trend that is making a fresh comeback.  Straight, loose and comfortable, the baggy jeans are a great option and choice for women who want to make a different, trendier statement.

Long shorts

Although it might come as a surprise considering shorts are not the most suitable garment for the colder season, the Japanese fashion trends introduce them in a much longer version, with the length reaching the knees. Wearing long shorts includes some fashionable and colorful tights, and for a unique and dominant look, Japanese women add chunky sneakers as a suitable fashion footwear choice.

Cargo pants

Since the comfortability and the coziness comes as the most considerate attributes to the upcoming season, the cargo pants are another piece that has been very popular in the past, especially in certain fashion styles. The Japanese women have found a way to re-introduce the trend back into regular daily wear, by choosing more sporty styles and pairing them with sweatshirts, bombers, sneakers, and ankle boots. It is a trend that is circulating worldwide. These pants are a nice shift from tracksuits and denim jeans and provide truly interesting styling options. 

Once again, Japanese fashion has proved it is a trendsetter rather than a trend

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