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Today’s Focus: Okayama

Okayama castle Tokkou

Okayama is Japan’s denim mecca, and is best known for its 16th-century Okayama Castle, or “Crow Castle” and for an iconic formal garden called Korakuen.

But like any other place in Japan, delicious local foods awaits in the gorgeous town of Okayama. The town is rich in gorgeous seafood, crops from the plateaus of the northern area and its own unique type of beef.
If you’re touring Japan, be sure to enjoy the local flavor of this countryside town. Some of our favorites include:

1. Kaki Oko (Oyster Okonomiyaki)

Oyster farming is popular in the Hinase-area, 45 kilometers east from the center of Okayama. Kaki oko is a local savory Japanese-stye pancake made with fresh, juicy oysters and cabbage. We can’t think of a better way to taste the ocean!

2. White Peach

The white peach season occurs in the Summer months of July and August. The fruit is famous for its intense juiciness and sweetness. Find it in a local roadside stand and eat it right away at room temperature. White peaches also taste amazing after staying in the fridge for a few hours.

3. Kibi Dango

Kibi dango is a delicious Japanese dumpling made with kibi flour or proso millet, along with sugar and rice flour. The dish comes in a myriad of flavors, such as soy or kinako. chocolate and plain (sweet).

4. Bara-Zushi (Scattered Sushi)

Made with bamboo shoots, veggies and seafood, such as eel, shrimp or fish, on top of rice, bara-zushi is a kind of sushi that will curb any Japanese food enthusiast’s appetite.

5. Chiya Beef

You’ve probably heard of Kobe beef, but did you know that Chiya beef from Okayama is just as delicious? Known for its tenderness, the beef is grown in special care in Niimi City in northern Okayama. Unfortunately, this beef is limited in other parts of Japan due to limited shipments nationwide.

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