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Japanese Women’s 3 Fashion Trends in Summer 2020

It is summertime in Japan! This season is associated with heat and rise in humidity. Japanese women however known for their adventure and style have fashionable ways to remain cool during the season. Summer months in Japan are usually around  June, July and August.

During this season, the Japanese women are seen mostly wearing thin outerwear, long light skirts, short sleeve shirts, sunshades, Yukata, airy pants or skirts and other light and non-suffocating wears. Rounded up here are 3 fashion trends in Summer that you will not just find on most Japanese women, but also worn for festivals and outings during the season.


Yukata is a popular summer garment, mostly worn by Japanese women especially at the Japanese Summer Festival. Its pattern for young women is usually bright and floral while for the old women, it comes in indigo being a warm and traditional colour. This garment is originally known as a bathrobe and was worn with ‘geta’ in the old, but nowadays it is now a fashionable garment that can be worn with any sandal. Yukata is becoming popular amongst Japanese women as it is easy to wear, cooler to wear than a kimono and their favourite outfit to the Japanese Summer Festival. In fact, some say Yukata was made for warm weather and summer.


Short-Sleeve Shirts

With the adaptation of western culture in Japan today, wearing short sleeve shirts is becoming a norm especially during the hot season. Japanese women adorn themselves this season with beautiful short sleeve shirts which could be plain, tie and dye, Harajuku style prints and other patterns of short sleeve shirts. This shirt can be worn with a  light jacket over it. The older women still prefer long sleeves for modesty and tradition but wearing short sleeve shirts today especially in summer is modest enough as long as you don’t show cleavages.  This fashion style is becoming popular for summer due to its comfort and adaptation of western culture.


Airy Pants or Skirts

Japanese women find their way around replacing jeans this season with airy, stylish, breathable pants or skirts. The pants can be a wide-legged fit pant, button-down stripe side pant, striped pattern pants, linen pants, palazzo pants and pants with flowery designs. While the skirts can be long or short, high waist pleated skirts or long chiffon skirts, or other beautiful skirt designs. The old women as usual still stick to wearing long and wide pants or skirts but either you wear a long or short skirt you are good to go. Any of these can be styled and worn with sneakers or sandals. Unlike jeans, they give good comfort hence its trend and popularity.


Japanese women stay hydrated and also take with them accessories like umbrella, handkerchiefs, wet tissues, sunscreens, all to keep themselves from heatstroke during this season.

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