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Contemporary Japanese Fashion Brand Tokkou Opens its Doors at Notting Hill Gate

Tokkou Opening NightSporty elegance, greaser-inspired fashion, smart-casual, traditional Japanese, printed jackets, military funk, all-black every day, bosozoku subculture – these were just some of the styles and looks sported by fashion-enthusiasts at Tokkou’s opening night. Buzzing with energy and vivaciousness, the brand took off with a great start as it opened its doors at Notting Hill Gate, London.

Tokkou is a contemporary Japanese clothing brand based in London that stays true to its Japanese roots. The brand’s unique and stunning designs draw inspiration from the traditional Japanese youth subculture, called bosozoku. Bosozoku is all about over-the-top modified motor cycles, overly-styled hairdos, leather jackets, overalls, tall boots and round sunglasses. Think American greaser culture on steroids.

Bosozoku style screams empowerment, defiance, spiritual energy and youthful rebelliousness. The traditional style involved jumpsuits similar to those used by manual bosozoku workers, or military overalls, jackets and tall boots – a uniform which was later known as tokkou-fuku. Tokkou-fuku was typically personalized with customized embroidery of drawings, poetry and policies.

Tokkou Opening NightThe Clothes

What makes Tokkou different from larger contemporary brands is its attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship. Lovers of Japanese fashion will enjoy going through the bevy of incredibly trendy, yet authentic traditional Japanese wear, which can be fashioned for any occasion.

The brand’s Spring/Summer 2019 Shining in the Dark collection showcases an exclusive line of ready to wear attire made with the highest grade materials and techniques. In today’s microwaved-, mass-produced-obsessed world, finding a premium piece of clothing that doesn’t hurt your budget is hard to find. Tokkou disrupts this system by introducing gorgeous clothing made with high quality fabric, such as Okayama or Japanese denim, and meticulous workmanship, especially when it comes to its design, accents and sewing.

The clothing line is as profound as it sounds. If you’re a lover of black, Tokkou just might be your new favorite. Not only can the brand be enjoyed by anybody, it also embodies the true spirit of bosozoku, which is the samurai spirit – designed to rebel against the new social order. Although the bosozoku gang members were known to be a group of ruffians, causing riots on most city streets, the brand’s take on this subculture is rather elegant, and more deeply rooted to bosozoku’s true meaning – along with its eccentricity.

Tokkou Opening NightWhy Wear Tokkou

Inspired by bosozoku, Tokkou encourages women and men to be strong, independent and vocal. The brand’s clothing line is separate from most contemporary fashion designs, and has a voice of its own, which is empowering and creates a lasting impact. Needless to say, the brand also utilizes high-end machinery, Japanese textiles and denim, as well as highly skilled craftsmanship, all of which are hard to find in most modern contemporary styles.


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