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About TOKKOU 〜特攻〜 Fashion - London pop-up shop in W11 2QA: 21/09/2018 (Fri) - 02/10/2018 (Tue)

Tokkou Pop Up Shop
The tokkou-fuku is worn by the bosozoku – who first appeared in the 1970s and were known to have over 800 different teams in its prime. The sotsuran is worn by many students during their graduation ceremony. These works of art are used to express team names and beliefs with words and illustrations. At 〜特攻〜TOKKOU we have modernised their designs to share this culture with the world.

TOKKOU 〜特攻〜 is a Japanese fashion brand. We will be opening a pop-up shop to coincide with this year’s London Fashion Week for a limited time of two weeks in Notting Hill, a central district in London.

Date: 21/09/2018 (Fri) - 02/10/2018 (Tue)
Location: 297 Westbourne Grove Notting Hill London W11 2QA

Inspired by the recent popularity of Japanese culture in Europe, Superdry’s design that incorporates Japanese writing, and embroidered jackets and jeans announced by D&G and Gucci, 〜特攻〜TOKKOU has come into existence. This brand will be hugely popular in London as it symbolises Japan’s cultural heritage while incorporating elements of British punk-rock and Gothic culture.

Our designs are inspired by the furyo-culture of the tokkou-fuku and embroidered school uniforms. All fabrication is executed in Japan. Through fashion, TOKKOU brand aims to transmit traditional Japanese culture to the world.

Company nameTOKKOU 〜特攻〜(Chiiki Micchaku[地域密着] LLC.
Representative: Masahiro Nishimura
Designer: Hideaki Morimoto

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