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6 Japanese Independent Fashion Brands to look for this 2020

As we are in the middle of this rough 2020, But the culture surrounding street and independent fashion continue to explode, moving from countries to countries and reaching all the possible corners of the world. Not to forget, when we talk about street style fashion then some of the big names of Independent Japanese fashion brands come in our mind.


If you're landing in Tokyo or if you are particularly trying to own a piece of an independent Japanese fashion brand and you're confused that which brand you should go for then you've come at the right place to clear all the doubtful clouds of your mind.

Presenting you 6 Independent Japanese fashion brand that should make a way to your closet and your heart this 2020: -

Kuro: -


First dropped in 2010, Kuro distinguishes itself by making sure that every single thread and every single fiber of its apparels are made in Japan. Going even further they display their manufactures and supplier on the tag of their pieces to ensure their quality.


Not only sticking to denim, but Kuro also boasts of having awesome hoodies, Jackets, and other apparel items in its catalog so that you can get a wide variety to choose from.


 Facetasm: -


One of the most hyper-beast Independent Japanese fashion brands in the market, where you’ll get all the craziness and experimentation under one roof. What you’ll find is fantastic over the edge pieces that literally boost up your appearance.


The price-tag of this versatile rand can often be over the range for many, It’s cheaply original seasonal pieces are much affordable if you’re looking to invest in a good street style Japanese brand. The bonus point is it has a better shelf life on it most of the pieces compared to other brands in your wardrobe.



Tokkou: -


Founded just 3 years back in 2017, tokkou is a stylish Japanese independent fashion brand that took inspiration from Japanese youth subculture Bousou-zoku. The brand is giving a more stylish and edgy touch to your fashion with that bike rider personality.


Their fashion brand contains apparel for both and women and deals in street style fashion popular in japan. The brand name tokkou is derived by Japanese term tokko-fuku, which means “Special Attack Clothing”. Recently tokkou has released its customized Denim brand masks as well.



Bounty Hunter: -


Another street style independent Japanese fashion brand that rose to prominence during the early to mid-1990s. But the bounty hunter took a little bit of different approach as they prioritized their brand with toys and fashion.


So basically bounty hunter toys graphics is what rules their fashion apparels and they continue to make their exclusive clothing but toys remain the prominent business for the bounty hunter.





One of the only brands on this list whose popularity is more outside Japan than in Japan itself. Yes! You guessed it right, It's the famous Americana using heritage production technique brand, which has one of the most unique products. KAPITAL.


Kapital is immensely popular because it has little to no competitors, it is that kind of brand who have no desire to become a lucrative denim label for which Japanese brands are famous for. Kapital creates its own style and that’s why it stands alone.



Yoroshiku: -


“Nice to meet you” is what you’ll say when you’ll first purchase the pieces of this brand. This Partial-Japanese Independent fashion brand is based in London which is given a classic streetwear touch with some Japanese twist.


Yoroshiku provides various styles like Camo, hip-hop, Japanese graphic, etc. Yoroshiku is a locally manufactured brand and spreads love ethically around the globe by delivering its product everywhere.


So these 6 Japanese fashion brands were like just digging a bit deeper into the surface of what beholds some amazing street style fashion. When we talk about japan we’re going to uncover it even further in our coming articles.


These 6 labels are an amazing start if you want to spice up your wardrobe with some Japanese clothing so have these 6 brands when you land in Tokyo or if it is available in your locality. Have some of the best pieces from the west in your closet guys.


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